Socially Responsive Investing

Socially Responsive Investing, also called SRI, stems from the belief that responsibility is a hallmark of quality. SRI portfolios are built to encourage corporate practices, environmental stewardship, consumer protection, and human rights and diversity, to name a few. But most importantly they are built to create positive  impact in the world. As a Stifel financial advisor, it is my job to provide financial guidance so that foundations and individuals can be as impactful as possible.

It's common for me to see portfolios that are  invested in very safe, efficient strategies without much consideration to the social impact of their individual investments. Investment decision makers are often overwhelmed by the number of decisions and investment selections that available to them, and adding another layer of complexity can be even more overwhelming. I alleviate the burden of researching, reviewing, and selecting investments that align with your social goals.

Because individuals and institutions may define "Socially Responsive Investing" in different ways, I build customized portfolios tailored to your specific guidelines. I then screen stocks to eliminate those that do not meet your specific social requirements.  This process works in conjunction with our pursuit of a competitive risk-adjusted return, which I believe is paramount to your overall investment strategy